"No person is allowed to dispose of any electric and electronic wastes into landfills. The wastes shall be recycled and recovered at prescribed or licensed premises while disposal must take place at prescribed premises only and must be carried out in an environmentally sound manner."     - Malaysia Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005 (EQSWR 2005)

T-Pot Electrical & Electronics Sdn Bhd started its operations in 2005. We are specialist in the recycling industry for electrical & electronic waste and used computer hardware and accessories.

T-Pot Electrical & Electronics Sdn Bhd licensed & certified with:
•  ISO 9001:2008
•  Department of Environment (DOE) for SW110 ( E-Waste )
•  PDRM for Scrap License (Lesen Bagi Berniaga Barang-Barang Lusuh & Sijil Pengecualian )
•  'Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia (KKM)' with sub-code 302 License

"To Be Customer's First Choice in Electrical & Electronic Waste Management & Recycling Services."
"As a Company Licensed and Registered by the Department Of Environment, We Provide Electrical & Electronic Waste Management & Recycling Services and We Will Continuously Support Worldwide Efforts in Preserving and Saving our Environment."

To provide the best quality products and excellent service in collecting, managing and recycling all kinds of electrical &
electronic waste.
To lead the industry in creating value for electrical & electronic waste management through our customer and sales channels.

To ensure that no usable computer or no usable home appliances should be discarded and every household should own at least one computer and one home appliance by offering reasonable and affordable prices.

Started by repairing & refurbishing of second hand computer.
Expanded its marketing arm into IT International Market.
Imported and exported to different countries such as India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, United  States, Europe and others.
Hiring professional technicians from overseas to repair and to control the quality of products.
Sending off the top technicians to overseas for training in order to provide the best quality and service to the customer.

Shifted to Bukit Kemuning Light Industrial Park. More spacious & comfortable environment.
T-POT Computer Sdn Bhd systems become more organized, product  quality and services improved in order to provide better service for customers.
Starting June, the factory has expanded to the next building.
Hiring more experienced staffs and technicians to provide the best service for all our customers and dealers (both local and overseas).
Obtained Electrical & Electronic Waste (E-Waste) - SW 110 License from the Department of Environment (DOE).
Embarking business scope by collecting Computer, Machinery, Electrical & Electronic Waste (E-Waste) from government department, private sector & residential.

Obtained Scrap License 'Lesen Bagi Berniaga Barang-Barang Lusuh' and 'Sijil Pengecualian' from Polis Diraja Malaysia, and license from Ministry of Finance 'Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia (KKM)' with sub-code 302.

T-POT Computer Sdn Bhd changed its name to T-Pot Electrical & Electronics Sdn Bhd in Sept 2013.
Moving towards ISO 9001:2008
T-POT Electrical & Electronics Sdn Bhd has received the prestigious ISO 9001:2008  certification for  Recycle, Refurbish & Wholesale of Electrical & Electronics Products on 22nd April 2014.